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The impact of the Volve dataset

This is a part of the response I wrote to a reader in my [blog]( The question was about the limited scope of the Volve license, questioning its openness, because it doesn’t cover commercialization from the data. This was my response: I am not finding any problem whatsoever. For my purposes of research, learning, education and teaching, I think the license is alright. In all articles and papers I always give the corresponding attribution.

Seismic report 1.2 TB

Volve dataset. Seismic report from the 1.2 terabytes file. [](/files/ST0202 Volve 4C FFOR.pdf)

Seismic report 2.6 TB

Volve dataset. Seismic report from the 2.6 terabytes file. I was able to selectively download the report for the seismic acquisition in file Thanks Yogendra Narayan Pandey for the Azure Explorer tip. Does anyone with seismic expertise notice information of relevance?

Volve dataset. First look of the Reservoir simulation models.

The Eclipse reservoir models from the Volve dataset working like a charm. The compressed file is 399 MB in size. I was able to open the models with ResInsight (thank you Matthew Kirkman). The software is open source and relatively easy to use. Here is the Eclipse case opened. 1`