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Is Windows in the comfort zone?

There is also a very controversial issue in this article such as Windows ecosystem is the comfort zone of developers and people alike. If you are serious about Application Development in Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence -, then you have to be get out of the comfort zone and start doing it in Linux. The terminal means reproducibility. Start with practicing Linux an hour a day. No?

Virtualization brings Reproducibility to your Petroleum Engineering Workflow

Motivation By nature, I am curious. I am not only interested in the why-of-things but also in the “how”. Be able to document it and reproducing it later. And that, most of the time, could be a time consuming affair. Pleasurable, rewarding, but time consuming. Add to that data science and deep learning and you get a exponential combination. I own a 8-core, 32GB RAM, 3TB SSD, Quadro K2100M GPU laptop that originally acquired with the intention of running several virtual machines with Windows, Linux and MacOS, as part of my work as an atypical petroleum engineer.

My blogdown adventure

I have had my notes here and there: Evernote, network drives, LinkedIn, SPE forums. And I could never find the ideal way to put the data and info together until I found Hugo. Blogdown documentation I borrowed the template ideas for my blog from Ron J. Hyndman blog. The source code for the site is now hosted on github. If you find any problem in this site, please feel free to let me know at.