Building the book dataviz-wilke with Docker

13 July 2020
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dataviz-wilke 2020

This book “Fundamentals of Data Visualization` by Claus Wilke has been made fully reproducible using a Docker container. The compiled book can be read online here. The original repository of the book is in GiHub at this link, and can also be read online here.

The book is great at learning advanced visualization techniques using R without focusing too much on the code but rather on universal, timeless best practices.

The bookdown book structure resides under the folder dataviz-2020. It will be a good exercise on containers, R, Rmarkdown to make effort to compile the book from source.


  • R-3.6.3
  • RStudio 1.2.5042
  • Built using snapshots from MRAN at 2019-06-12

Build and run the image

Build the book with Docker

docker build -t fonzie/wilke:3.6.3 .

Run the book with RStudio

docker run --rm -p 8787:8787 -v /home/msfz751/docker-share/wilke:/home/rstudio/share  -e USERID=$UID -e PASSWORD=wilke  fonzie/wilke:3.6.3

or better:

docker run --rm -p 38787:8787 \
    -v /home/msfz751/docker-share/wilke:/home/rstudio/share  \
    -e USERID=$UID -e PASSWORD=wilke \
     -v ${PWD}/dataviz-2020:/home/rstudio/book \

Note. There is a script that simplifies this.

Publishing the book online

Send the publishing folder /dataviz-2020/_book_final to a subtree branch in GitHub gh-pages with:

 git subtree push --prefix dataviz-2020/_book_final origin gh-pages

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