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Building your petroleum engineering library with R: Muskat's Material Balance Equation ODE

It is fun coding petroleum engineering applications with R, a language invented by statisticians. The plotting capabilities of R are unparalleled. You can generate a complex plot in minutes. Couple of days ago I was in need of a log-log plot to show the error versus the step size in an ordinary differential equation (ODE) solver that in a Cartesian plot smaller numbers would make them imperceptible. With the package ggplot2, I was able to obtain a wonderful graph.

Building your own petroleum engineering library with R: zFactor v0.1.7

Introduction I just released last night a new version of zFactor: v0.1.7. As of this morning, the package has been accepted by CRAN, the Comprehensive R Network Archive. All the code, notes, datasets, notebooks, documentation is publicly available via GitHub at this link. The zFactor R package also includes its own website: Motivation That is one of the neat things about R: the code and documentation that you write for your package can also be used for automatically generating a website in GitHub.

Building your own petroleum engineering library: zFactor has a website

I just upgraded the package zFactor today. I added a new feature that converts the entire R package to a website to navigate through its pages of analysis and report. In fact, it was very simple. There is a package called pkgdown that turns any R package in a website using the same GitHub repository. To access the zFactor package as a website just click on this link:

Data Science for Petroleum Engineering: extracting metadata from papers in OnePetro

Hi there, digging into the papers available in OnePetro is intoxicating. You know a bit - get a piece of the data - and you want to know more and more. That resource could be further developed into accepting comments, notes and highlights from those who have read, or reading, the papers. And of course, assigning subjects and disciplines as categories. In other words, the OnePetro site could turn into giving smarter response to queries.