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Building your own petroleum engineering library: zFactor has a website

I just upgraded the package zFactor today. I added a new feature that converts the entire R package to a website to navigate through its pages of analysis and report. In fact, it was very simple. There is a package called pkgdown that turns any R package in a website using the same GitHub repository. To access the zFactor package as a website just click on this link:

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Building your own petroleum engineering library with "R": humble beginnings with the compressibility factor 'z'

Few weeks ago I was working on the marching algorithm to create vertical lift performance (VLP) curves and datasets for statistical analysis using the classical Hagedorn-Brown and Fancher-Brown correlations. Then I noticed some weird variations in the column for the compressibility factor or z. I started to investigate and found discontinuities in parts of the isotherms that are used for building the gas compressibility correlations. Digging a little bit more finally found that the problem was that the values of the fluid properties of my well had accidentally hit a critical point in the equations.

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