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Data Science for Petroleum Engineering - Part 5.2: Finding and filling missing data

NOTE. You can find the PDF version of the R markdown notebook in GitHub at this link. The reproducible R markdown notebook (.Rmd) itself is here. Both are full versions of this LinkedIn article. For the time being, LinkedIn publishing does not support markdown which would make sharing scientific and engineering documents much easier. Mistyped data One of the challenges in cleaning up well data is having uniform and standard well names.

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Data Science for Petroleum Production Engineering 3: Anonymizing Well Data

It happens with certain frequency: we need to share some well data but for confidentiality reasons we can’t. It could be a paper, sharing with colleagues, a conference, a lecture, an article; 1001 reasons. How can we share some well data without giving away our well names, or platform, and field? Note: this is a recurrent topic in medicine, genetics, bio-sciences, health care and other industries where privacy is paramount.

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