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Using application microprocessors for seismic

First practical application that I know of using the next thing after TPUs (Tensor Processing Units): ASICs. Ideal hardware for the massive seismic data. #petroleumengineering #spe #oilandgas #deeplearning LinkedIn References: Post Article

Python, 3D seismic using segyio by Matteo Nicoli

Found this interesting article in LinkedIn: WORKING WITH 3D SEISMIC DATA IN PYTHON USING SEGYIO AND NUMPY (MOSTLY) by Matteo Nicoli. It comes with code, Python notebook and repository. Keywords: segyio, seismic, python, notebook References: segyio Software Underground Post

Seismic report 1.2 TB

Volve dataset. Seismic report from the 1.2 terabytes file. [](/files/ST0202 Volve 4C FFOR.pdf)

Seismic report 2.6 TB

Volve dataset. Seismic report from the 2.6 terabytes file. I was able to selectively download the report for the seismic acquisition in file Thanks Yogendra Narayan Pandey for the Azure Explorer tip. Does anyone with seismic expertise notice information of relevance?