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An Artificial Lift Method Selector for Petroleum Engineering written in R

Introduction Inspired by a post by Fernando Ruiz at LinkedIn on an Artificial Lift tool this morning, I decided to dust off an old Excel workbook containing an old matrix with various design aspects of artificial lift. Motivation The objective of the tool is providing a quick way of analyzing the applicability of the different artificial lift methods. At present, it is not a rigorous application because the criteria is limited by the engineer’s bias.

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Paper research in Petroleum Engineering: Do you know how to spell Gas Lift?

One of the little annoyances while doing paper research in OnePetro is knowing the correct spelling of the keywords under search. It would seem insignificant but we will see in this article choosing the right keyword could have effects on the results. Let’s see a practical example. For this demonstration I will use the R package petro.One. It is available from CRAN, as free and open source project. The advantage of using petro.

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