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Calculate economic risk with regression using Python by Matteo Niccoli

Another reproducible example of regression using Python to calculate economic risk. By Matteo Niccoli (2017). Keywords: References Article Post Python notebook

Multiple Regression in Engineering Applications by Marco Rizk

Great article. And also an eye opener, specially, for those interested in correlations. I hope you publish your scripts, data and manuscript, soon for reproducibility purposes, and the benefit of the petroleum engineering community. Keywords: linear regression, engineering, Alternating Conditional Expectations, algorithms, transformations References Article: Using ACE Algorithm for Optimal Multiple Regression in Engineering Applications Post r package acepack

Starting Bayesian with Stan

Starting Bayesian #Machinelearning with #stan and #rstats. Surprised by the fact that model recipes written in R and Stan are compiled to C++ using whatever number of cores your machine has. Correction: Bayesian machine learning -> Probabilistic Machine Learning