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Not travelling but half way through the multiwell stats tutorial

No, I am not travelling or anything like that. I am actually half done writing the tutorial for the multiwell-stats application in Python. I will be writing it using the magnificent tools of data science, so we have a fully reproducible document. My pick for writing tutorials, booklets and books is #bookdown. It is an #rstats package that lets you combine math, code and text in the same document. Remember, data science is about reproducibility, as in reproducible research.

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Data Science for Petroleum Engineering - Part 5.3 Finding and filling missing well data in alphanumerics

This is what we will reviewing in this lecture. NOTE. You can find the PDF version of the R markdown notebook in GitHub at this link. The reproducible R markdown notebook itself is here. Both are full versions of this LinkedIn article. For the time being, LinkedIn publishing does not support markdown which would make sharing scientific and engineering documents much easier. Load the raw data file # code We will see that some well names can be fixed manually and others should be done automatically with a script.

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