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Being proven wrong on Linux every day

Being proven wrong every day: “Open Source has no-warranty, no maintenance, insecure, no leaders” That’s what they said about Linux. And look where it is now. Ninety percent and above of the worldwide servers use Linux; 98% of mobile smart devices use Linux or Unix derivatives; active sensors, microprocessors and controllers in the field have underlying operating systems based on Unix. Finally, cherry on top: 99.9% of the supercomputers in the world use Linux.

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Is Windows in the comfort zone?

There is also a very controversial issue in this article such as Windows ecosystem is the comfort zone of developers and people alike. If you are serious about Application Development in Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence -, then you have to be get out of the comfort zone and start doing it in Linux. The terminal means reproducibility. Start with practicing Linux an hour a day. No?

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