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Python, 3D seismic using segyio by Matteo Nicoli

Found this interesting article in LinkedIn:

WORKING WITH 3D SEISMIC DATA IN PYTHON USING SEGYIO AND NUMPY (MOSTLY) by Matteo Nicoli. It comes with code, Python notebook and repository.

Keywords: segyio, seismic, python, notebook


Reproducible notebook to generate cross sections from well logs by Jesse Pisel

Reproducible Python notebook to generate cross sections from well logs (Denver Basin). Includes Github repo. By Jesse Pisel (2019).

Keywords: LAS files, glob, cross section, Niobrara Formation, Denver Basin, Wyoming, gamma-ray curves


Python and PVT by Mark Burgoyne

PVT coded in Python!

Keywords: PVT, Python, phase behavior, EOS


Multiple Regression in Engineering Applications by Marco Rizk

Great article. And also an eye opener, specially, for those interested in correlations. I hope you publish your scripts, data and manuscript, soon for reproducibility purposes, and the benefit of the petroleum engineering community.

Keywords: linear regression, engineering, Alternating Conditional Expectations, algorithms, transformations