Running R Shiny, RStudio Server, OpenCPU and Webmin in a Vagrant Virtual Box

20 January 2021


This is a modified version of a Vagrant machine originally created six years ago. I found the VM in the web here. It wasn’t running from the get-go and some modifications were required. The changes are documented in the markdown files NEWS, BUILD and HISTORY with the project.

About this virtual machine

The machine was upgraded to Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty 64 bits which makes some of the problems, due to aged software go away. There are other fixes necessary to run OpenCPU, update version and repository; Shiny and RStudio, such as dependencies and repositories; and Webmin, the server administration application. All of the server applications have been upgraded to their latest version available as of January 19, 2021.


Right now, the virtual machine is 100% operative for four different applications:

  • Webmin: a browser based application to administrate and monitor the server (this virtual machine).
  • RStudio server: The RStudio Desktop but from a browser. Almost identical to the desktop version.
  • RStudio Shiny server: A server to publish R Shiny applications
  • OpenCPU: A browser based application to publish R applications through HTTP and JavaScript.

Accessing the applications

These applications can be called via their unique ports in the server (this virtual machine):

  • Shiny server:
  • RStudio server:
  • OpenCPU:
  • Webmin:


The virtual machine uses Puppet as a provisioner, for installation and configuration. Few files will be automatically copied from the host to the VM from within the provisioning script.

There is a folder shiny-server/R under this project where you can place your Shiny projects for developing, testing, or pilot deployment.

Machine code: TR64G40U2M2048-shinyserver-P1X4P3832

  • ``TR64G40U2M2048`: Ubuntu Trusty 64-bit; disk 40 GB; 2 CPUs; 2048 RAM
  • P1X4P3832: One Puppet script; four server applications and ports; port for Shiny server is 3832

Alfonso R. Reyes

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