A Vagrant virtual machine that runs a Shiny server

20 January 2021


This is an example of a straight forward generation of a Vagrant virtual machine. The script necessary to create the VM is written inside the Vagrantfile and has very few lines.

The machines was upgraded to Ubuntu xenial64, as well the R Shiny server and the xenial keys to the repository.

There are several files that document the changes and problems found during the rebuilt of this machine: README, NEWS, BUILD, and HISTORY, all of them markdown files.

Machine code explained: XE64G10U2R2048-shinyserver-S1P4001

  • XE64G10U2R2048: Ubuntu Xenial 64-bit; disk 10 GB; 2 CPUs; 2048 MB of RAM
  • S1P4001: One shell script; port to Shiny server is 4001

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