3 July 2020

rOpenserver package

The goal of rOpenserver is providing an R interface to Petex (Petroleum Experts) applications Prosper, GAP and MBAL to perform automated tasks, generate datasets for statistical analysis, and advanced fine control of solvers and calculations.


rOpenserver is not in CRAN yet but in the meantime, you can install it from GtiHub using the devtools package, from the rOpenserver repository with:

devtools::install_github("f0nzie/rOpenserver", dependencies = TRUE)

The argument dependencies has the role of downloading and installing packages that are key for rOpenserver, such as R6 and RDCOMClient. If you want to install RDCOMClient separately you could install it from its repository via devtools as well. Then after you could proceed to install rOpenServer.


Indicating files and folders

In R, as in Python or any other programming languages, there are some conventions to deal with the filenames and folder or directories. In Windows, we should use a double-backslash to separate the paths. In Unix operating systems, like Linux and MacOS, we use a single slash.

For instance, in the following example, we set the folder where typically the Prosper examples are. Then , we use slash / or the double-backslash \\ to separate the folder names, otherwise you will get error. We use both ways in the following two code blocks.

# point to the well model
prosper_folder = "C:/Program Files (x86)/Petroleum Experts/IPM 10/Samples/prosper"
model_file <- "T00_Integrated_Oil_Well.Out"
model_filename <- file.path(prosper_folder, model_file)
#> [1] TRUE

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