My R package rTorch 0.4.2 accepted by CRAN

Alfonso R Reyes
(12 October 2020)


My R package #rTorch 0.4.2 accepted by #rstats CRAN. CRAN link:

rTorch is a series of bindings to #Python machine learning platform #PyTorch, so it makes easier to build neural networks, GANs, RNNs, within the R environment. The link to the repository is

There is also an introductory tutorial (and package manual) at

There are two additional manuals I am working on: “The Minimal rTorch Book” written in #Rmarkdown, and “rTorch Advanced Examples”, also using the #rstats #bookdown package.

I am very tempted to start writing a new e-book (open source and free), intended to solving Partial Differential Equations using the Finite Differences method but with focus on tensors running on #GPUs. That would be the second benefit of developing rTorch. Something that could be used as a primer for an introduction to Reservoir Simulation using -the now ubiquitous- cloud computing resources (Amazon, Google, Azure, etc.)

I made this update at request of one of the top seven science and engineering universities in United States. What an honor!

#machinelearning #petroleumengineering #GAN #RNN #datascience #neuralnetworks #reservoirsimulation #ai #programming #spe

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