Being proven wrong on Linux every day

Alfonso R. Reyes
(11 January 2019)


Being proven wrong every day: “Open Source has no-warranty, no maintenance, insecure, no leaders”

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That’s what they said about Linux. And look where it is now.

Ninety percent and above of the worldwide servers use Linux; 98% of mobile smart devices use Linux or Unix derivatives; active sensors, microprocessors and controllers in the field have underlying operating systems based on Unix. Finally, cherry on top: 99.9% of the supercomputers in the world use Linux.

What software do you think is going to be written with for devices when they require embedded machine learning and artificial intelligence modules? Python and R both run in Unix, Linux and Windows. I do that every day.

If it works for the biosciences, genetics, robotics, visual recognition, medicine, academic research, drug manufacturing, automotive, finance, banking, retail, and other tech industries., why wouldn’t or apply to petroleum engineering?

Open Source software is complementary to proprietary software and helps making it better and reliable. It enable users -engineers-, to extract up to the last drop of productivity from standard applications by connecting them to the pipeline of data science and statistical tools. Linux is friendly to business because it allows the intelligence of the workforce learn 365/24/7.

And one more thing I forgot to mention. Sharing and reproducibility are very much in the heart of data science, and so of machine learning and artificial intelligence agents.

It is no accident that Microsoft is developing for the Linux platform, and would be laughable to think that IBM just bought RedHat, a Linux distribution company, because of charity causes.


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