I learned with Python but I now love R


I learned Python 10+ ago. With R now in my toolbox, it is difficult to go back. But still I am coding in Python to maintain the old code. What I really dislike is: the Jupyter notebooks, although I fell in love with them at first sight; the acceptance of organized chaos with the multiple versions floating around. I guess you get use to it when you are part of the Py ecosystem.

Why my change of heart on Jupyter? Because I learned Rmarkdown notebooks.! Oh, man, they are like from another universe; so productive. Literate programming, version control, reproducibility, all Latex packages included, diagrams, slides, etc. So, nowadays, my intermediate solution is embedding Python code in hashtag#rstats. It works but still is in beta-preview in RStudio 1.2.x. I have managed to embed even matplotlib in R chunks. Anaconda works barely (they have turned it too complicated), while portable WinPython loves R.

With Rmarkdown on top, I think my only unrealized wish is that Python, sometime, come to converge to one major version that packages could follow.

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